The 7 Reasons Tourists Love Kotor

Kotor is marvelous city in Montenegro packed with activities and must-see places.  Here I will name 7 most famous attractions so get ready to see why it is so loved by tourists! In case you missed, here are even more reasons to love Montenegro!

#1 Explore old town

Kotor’s Old Town is a charming place to roam – don’t be fooled by the small size of it, of course you could not get extremely lost and you might pass same places few times but the vibe is really pleasant. I would recomend to start this activity in morning, when the sun is not blazing so much and there are so many places to have a tasty breakfast. On the other hand there are no problems strolling these narrow streets during mid-day as there are lots of shadowed corners where you could hide. Look for the restaurant with water sprinkling fans (amazing invention) and and have a refreshing beverage.

#2 pleasant Perast

Perast a miniature village located on the corner of the bay and could be identified of the most fascinating places in Montenegro. Once you arrive here, you will confirm this statement instantly!
According to archaeologists, the first settlements appeared in the area of Perast in the Neolithic age (that’s about 12,000 years ago!) so history is strong with this village. Another thing to mention is the population which is around 300. You would imagine that it is quiet but there are lots of tourists flocking around the streets and enjoying magnificent views of churches, shore and other pictorial views.

#3 mystique our lady of the rocks

A man-made island called Lady of the Rock could be seen from the Perast. It was made with tremendous effort – every 22 July over the last 550 years, local people have sailed here to drop stones overboard. This location was not picked randomly, as there is a large underwater rock which was used as a foundation. Why would you throw lots of rocks? Well, the story goes that some sailors found an icon of Madonna and the Child on a rock in 1452, and started throwing more rocks on the exact spot after every successful voyage.
A church was made on the pile of rocks. After years of restorations and numerous developments, this small island contains a mini lighthouse, a museum and of course a small gift shop.
Your eye will catch another island which is Sveti Djordje. This is one of the two islets off the coast of Perast and unlike Our Lady of the Rock, it is a natural island.
The island contains the Sveti Djordje monastery from the 12th century and the old graveyard for the old nobility from Perast. Abandoned most of the year, only in July and August, there are Catholic ceremonies. Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to access. It is customary for ships to blow their horn when they pass the Island of Sveti Djordje.

#4 breathtaking Blue cave

One of the most popular stops for foreign tourists. Without a doubt, there are many reasons to be – crystal clear water, naturally formed rock sculptures and a sandy bottom. Why can’t everything be like in those perfectly taken pictures where you are alone, floating in this beautiful cave and enjoying this wonderful sun reflection which makes water surprisingly blue?! The answer is obvious – tourists love this place. Therefore be prepared, this image will be slightly changed into a less pleasant one. Cave most likely will be packed with other boats which generate fumes and of course brought other tourists and they are loud. Splashing and cheering will follow.
But please, don’t be disappointed, there is one secret to save the moment! Get back to your boat and ask for Black Cave direction. Swimming through a narrow gap you will enter an image I have described earlier – no more sounds, no more flapping hands and boat fumes. You have a cave for yourself, so please enjoy this peaceful moment and relax. Be aware, the cave will be talking to you (technically, water running through rocks) and calling to the dark side where rocks are not touched by light. I would recommend staying on a bright side and experience this unique moment.

#5 humming kotor harbour

Now relax and go accross Kotor harbour which streches accross this city. You will be greeted by boat tour guides and they will try to sell you nice and promising tours. You may say you have one already and then you will be greeted with smile – no harsh feelings. Just walk in easy pace, enjoy what you see and feel!

#6 witness St. Tryphon’s Cathedral

Simply known as the Kotor Cathedral, this impressive structure was made in 1166. Cathedral does dominate by the size and ornaments compared to other Kotor Old town buildings.
If you wish to see it from inside, please prepare some small amount of cash.

#7 conquer San Giovanni Fortress

Not convinced yet? Well, this is the thing why Kotor is so lovely!
Conquer San Giovanni Fortress as this climb offers panoramic views of both the city and the Bay of Kotor while the climb itself delivers much of fun. 
You have two options to get there:

  1. Taking the stairs, to be precise – 1350 of them. Going after 7:30 it will cost 8 euros (only cash). So either you go early or late as the guard leaves around 8 pm. 
  2. Taking the secret passage. Marking entrance on the map for your convenience. I have decided to take this path and I was not wrong. There are nearly no stairs but quite a good pathway which goes through the old church. Ah, almost forgot! You will have to go through the window (by ladders).  

An essential package for climbers: lots of water as there are no natural water fountains found in other parts of Montenegro, a towel, proper shoes and some snacks to calm your belly. I must warn you, as this ascend is not very easy therefore depending on your pace this may consume from 1 to 2 hours. To be honest you likely will stop for stunning pictures each few hundred meters but who am I to judge. Nevertheless, take into account the time spent at the top, because the view is breathtaking!
Making the climb during the summer, you most likely experience hot weather and sweating so be prepared. I would not recommend going there mid-day due to nearly non-existent shade. 
Disclaimer, there are no bathrooms on the way and in the Fortress itself… This brings quite a few garbages and smells around the place, but the view will erase these unpleasant bits. 

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